Parent's Corner

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In conjunction with a well-rounded curriculum, Kidwatch Plus provides many opportunities for learning through play. One example of our curriculum is our Summer calendar. During the Summer, a theme based calendar is created to provide active learning for the entire center. The calendar is designed so that each age group can take a daily activity and gear it to each classroom’s specific developmental level. Summer Camp includes off-site field trips for children enrolled in Prek-3, Pre-4, Prek-5 and Summer Camp.

Parent Handbook
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Upon enrolling, each family receives a hard copy of our Parent Handbook. The Parent Handbook provides a comprehensive outline of our policies and procedures. Also in our handbook, you will find information regarding fees, medicals, holidays, illness policies, etc.

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Kidwatch Plus is an approved location for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsored by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). As required by CACFP and ISBE, Kidwatch is committed to providing a nutritious meal program that includes both a well-balanced lunch and healthy snacks. Kidwatch provides catered lunches by Quility Catering For Kids. Here you will find a sample of two of our catered lunch menus; Toddler and Preschool. You will also find a sample of our Summer lunch menu. During the Summer months, children in our Preschool Program receive box lunches provided through the City of Chicago. Kidwatch Plus also provides store bought, jarred baby food and infant cereal. In addition to lunch, children receive a morning and afternoon snack.