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“I want to thank you all for the wonderful care and love you gave to my girls while they were under your watch.  The daycare decision is a tough one to make for a new mom, and when I brought my girls there, I could not have found a better place.  Kidwatch, being the first place I left both my infant daughters, will always have a special place in my heart.  I will never forget how you all loved my daughters.  In an attempt to remain composed on that last day, I could not let you know all of the things that I wanted to say.  The girls thrived under your care and for that, I am forever grateful.  Thank you for taking care of my girls, the way that I would have, if I could stay home.  I love you all and will always be grateful to have had the chance to know you and to have the girls know you.  Thanks!”

“I have dreaded this day since the day we knew we were moving because it feels almost impossible to say goodbye to you.  I have tried to think of the words to tell each of you how important you have been to us and although they are small words I just want to say thank you to each of you for all your patience, and kindness, and dedication.  You have made our children better children and you have made us better parents.  It warms my heart daily to see how happy they are when they come to school.  You have been an incredible part of our lives and we will miss you terrible.  Nothing about your job is easy and our children are blessed because they know each of you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  

“Words cannot express how much my husband and I appreciate all the wonderful childcare you and your staff provided for our 2 youngest children.  They always felt safe & happy & active while at Kidwatch.  You assembled a terrific staff of professionals who all seem to love their jobs and care deeply about their students.  We could always count on you & them to go that extra step & handle brilliantly any of the girl’s unique needs.  A thousand thanks for all your good work!”
“We began this journey when our son was ten months old and it has been absolutely incredible.  We do not think words can justify or thank you for the care, love and affection our son has received from his teachers and the Kidwatch staff.  It is definitely with a very emotional heavy heart that we have to bid a goodbye.  Thanks once again for being the amazing folks that you are at Kidwatch.”